The Women and Children Legal Research Foundation (WCLRF) was established fourteen years ago in Kabul. WCLRF aims to promote women role in decision making practices, improve their situation and fight violence against women and it was created primarily to respond to the injustices caused by traditional and customary practices against women and children in Afghanistan. WCLRF's work is focused on several long-term objectives, addressing topics that are often considered sensitive in Afghan society, but which bear heavily on the health and welfare of women and girls. The overall purpose of WCLRF’s programming is to empower women and children to claim their legal human rights, particularly the rights to dignity, equality and justice. Our advocacy work is bearing fruit. For instance, after our work on the extravagant costs of weddings and the resulting impact on family economies, in some villages, local authorities have imposed a maximum amount that can be spent on marriages. Our research found that the higher the price for a wedding, the higher the likelihood that there will be violence in the marriage. WCLRF works with communities and with local authorities – not against them. The outcome of our work is directed at improving communities as a whole, and not just individuals. WCLRF’s activities currently cover a number of provinces, like (Kabul, Herat, Parwan, Kapisa, Badakhshan, Nengerhar, Balkh, Bamian and Kandahar etc.) WCLRF has also conducted Focus Group Discussion about peace building and leadership programs. WCLRF is to implement research-based project about “Women role in the peace process” therefore, WCLRF plans to recruit a national consultant to help the WCLRF implementing the project

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