UN Women is dedicated to advancing gender equality and women’s human rights in Afghanistan. Staff and consultants of UN Women Afghanistan are expected to contribute to a professional working environment in which the strengthening of national capacities and human potential is prioritized.  Respect for diversity and human dignity is required, as is the active pursuit of a collaborative and inclusive approach to both internal and external stakeholders, including colleagues and partners.
UN Women Afghanistan, is structured programmatically as follows:  (i) Elimination of Violence Against Women (EVAW) Pillar, (ii) Economic and Political Empowerment Pillar and (iii) Coordination and Advocacy Pillar.  This post rests within the EVAW Pillar.
The role of the EVAW Pillar is to support national counterparts – including the Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MoWA), key line ministries, parliamentary bodies, and civil society with the implementation of the National Action Plan for the Women of Afghanistan (NAPWA) and Afghanistan National Development Strategy (ANDS), specifically within the areas of legal protection, rule of law and women’s human rights. The Pillar builds on partnerships developed with the MoWA, other line ministries, local government entities in the justice, interior, social protection and health sectors, NGOs and community-based groups to strengthen legal protection mechanisms that are socially and culturally sensitive to Afghanistan’s context.
In this regard, UN Women has already supported the MoWA to establish an off-line database for VAW cases nationwide. The database is recently upgraded to an online/web based system under the overall umbrella of NAPWA database. This system is capable of tracking the number of VAW referrals, along with the number of subsequent registered cases and any other actions taken, including prosecutions and related judicial outcomes. Acknowledging the lack of infrastructure in some provinces, the development and implementation of a centralized system will be completed soonest, with a clear plan to expand to all provinces in due course. UN Women will also assist the MoWA to ensure that information on trends and statistics tracked through this mechanism is regularly analysed and made public.
UN Women has been requested to provide further assistance to the MoWA in order to ensure the VAW online database is fully functional and generates information on regular basis, and that it is properly linked with other institutions including the Attorney General’s Office, Ministry of Interior, and the Supreme Court systems, as well as the provincial departments of MoWA to ensure availability of data and information at national level.

  • Support MoWA in developing outlines and draft analytical reports using the VAW database regarding registered cases
  • Improve participation of MoWA’s relevant departments in analyzing and drafting of the report
  • Facilitate collecting of views and comments of the stakeholders, in particular the EVAW Commissions, on the draft analytical report
  • Support translation, design and printing of the report
  • Support identification of creative ways to ensure broad dissemination of the report to all stakeholders
  1. Provide administrative and technical assistance in the management and use of the VAW database  
  • Submit regular reports on the progress of the activities to the management of EVAW pillar
  • Assist with the preparation of progress, quarterly and final reports of the project.
  • Provide necessary support required to compile the annual report, donor reports and other reports as and when required.
  • Assist in monitoring and evaluation of project activities
Perform other tasks related to the VAW primary database as and when requested by pillar management.