Standard Pest Control (SPC) is the sole licensed pest control services company in Afghanistan. SPC provides standard and high-quality pest control services combined with the relevant pest control products to organizations and households at national and international level. Currently, SPC works with different clients such as:

  1. Industrial and Food Processing Sectors Including Bakery and Catering Facilities
  2. Hospitality Facilities such as large lodges, hotels, and guest houses
  3. Commercial and Residential Facilities
  4. Food and Non Food Large Storage Facilities
  5. Military Facilities such as military campus and training centers
  6. QA/QC, ISO and HACCP Certification Companies’ Clients
  7. SPC increases pest awareness of its clients through training of the client’s employees

SPC has a large stock of 50 different pest control products which are all branded products and are all imported from USA, Europe, Middle East, Russia, and India.  

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