Organization for Research and Skills Training for Women (ORSTW) is a non-profit, non-political, and non-governmental a civil society organization which is registered with Ministry of Economy (MoE) in 2011under registration number 2424.
Organization for Research and Skills Training for Women (ORSTW) mainly works in the field of vocational and technical trainings. We work to empower female and male both educationally and economically thorough career trainings and providing employment opportunities, internships, and real jobs. 
ORSTW has been working to empower youth through civic engagement and skills development and to promote human rights, women rights, Child- rights; to develop rule of law, access to justice and conducting research in unemployment scale, administrative corruption, and social problems. We are highly committed to find and address social, educational and economical gaps in the community in order to have a stable, peaceful and developed society.