Simply put, NYE Services LLC is a one-stop shop, a full-service company which extends the reach of its customers’ products, services and messages to all markets of Afghanistan through:

Niche marketing services

Founded in 2002, NYE Services LLC is an Afghan-owned, Afghan-operated company.
Our mission is to facilitate the flow of commerce and information so that Afghans can have the necessary tools to rebuild their lives after three decades of war and suffering, and the years of hope during the Transformation Decade and beyond.

For the owners of the company, delivery is defined as delivery of products, services, information and communication. Business is defined as a social responsibility to create sustainablity through creation of jobs and helping improve living standards.
Beside serving all Afghanistan’s 34 provinces through its 9 zonal offices, NYE Services is connecting rural communities with urban communities and the nation’s capital.

NYE is a trusted partner for NGOs, Afghanistan’s government, international diplomatic and military missions, and the private sector for distribution of printed materials and delivery of material goods. Our esteemed clients include ISAF, NATO, MSF, Care International, MTNA, and USAID.