Morra Education Complex کمپلکس تعلیمی و تحصیلاتی مورا  has been established and registered with the Government of Afghanistan ,in 1394 .This complex is built in 22 Jeribs land , having  6  large  building , each 5 floors with basement each , large and sufficient  green area , Hostel for 900 students, a large equipped library with net access  ,Labs ,  Hospital for training and provision of  health services , cafeteria , stationary,  Book shop  and etc.      
This complex has the following section in education field:
1. Nursery ((افغان وړکتون یا کودکستان
2. High School (    (لیسه عالی دختران افغان
3. Institute for Health Sciences ((انستیتیوت علوم صحی زنان افغان, including the disciplines of , Midwifery , Nursing ,Anesthesia ,Radiology , Pharmacy   and Medical Technology  (
4. University (   مؤسسه تحصیلات عالی زنان افغان   )  , including Medicine , Computer Science , BBA  , Education
The complex is ready for education in all above four levels in 1395. Admission of students is going, as well as the hiring process of the teachers and lecturers.
Vision: Development of Female Population in the country in terms of Education, Knowledge, Experience, Skill, up to higher Education, along with keeping the rich Islamic and Afghan cultural Values, to have Educated Mothers in each Afghan family through out of the country.                        ( Morra means Mother in Pashto language ) 
Facilitation of comfortable and safe Education Environment with required resources to Afghan girls and women in the country in primary, secondary and higher education levels,