An Internal Audit Specialist will perform various types of tasks such as auditing main directorates of MoPH. The main role of an Internal Audit specialist is to verify the accuracy of all internal records, evaluate internal systems in order to detect any mismanagement, inefficiencies or fraud in MoPH.
As an Internal Audit Specialist, he / she will need to be highly educated in regard to all policies, laws and government regulations of Supreme Audit Office and IIA standard.
Since the MoPH leadership is strongly committed to strengthen the Internal Audit Directorate and to audit development budget hence the specialists will be auditing the development budget as well as main key directorates of Finance procurement HR and Admin directorates.
According to Internal Audit Charter and Guidelines Internal Audit Specialist shall improve transparency in order to conduct financial and accounting data and audit the logistical, Finance and administrative data of Development Projects and Finance and Procurement and relevant directorates of the Ministry of Public Health.

Under the general direction of Internal Audit Director the Internal Audit specialist will primarily be responsible for conducting risk-based internal audit and advisory services to support and enhance the System of risk management and internal control. This work will be done according to the Code of Ethics and Standards for the Professional Practice of Internal Auditing established by the Institute of Internal Auditors (IIA) and Supreme Audit Office procedures.