Landscape Survey and Engineering Company with an experience of more than six years holding AISA license No: D-39900 05/07/1390 offers the Following Services with High Quality & best Price!
We enjoy have the capabilities flexibilities effectiveness intelligence and management as we have so far demonstrated by the projects we have implemented and we will demonstrate in future project.
Our company is willing and able to serve your project needs through providing timely completion quality work and excellent communication. We are proud to take this opportunity to assure you of our excellent quality and honest service offered by our company.
You are free to distribute the information to those who are looking for quality Survey Design and engineering works. We look forward to the opportunity of continuing to work with your prestigious organization and hope for prosperity in all of your endeavors.

 Dam Construction Phase
 Dam Studies Phase
 Tunnel Construction Phase
 Tunnel Studies Phase
 Railway Studies Phase
 Mine Studies Phase
 Deep Water wells construction engineering Services
 Survey Layout Design & Soil Test (Roads Buildings Camps Schools)
 Consultancy & Management Services