The ASP program is an initiative by J.F.Sparkling UG (based in Germany) in partnership with world’s largest universities, organizations and corporations such as the International Institute of Culture and Diplomacy, Berlin Institute of Management and Development, Gender Equality and Development Organization and many more.  The purpose of the program is capacity building in a more practical manner. Please see tour website for our more programs: 
Government officials, NGO staff, businessmen, private persons and university students will gather in Germany and in Afghanistan to discuss long run and strategic government and business topics, good government practices and policy making in Afghanistan.
The program opens the following options for participants for taking part:
·      Seminars in Kabul, Afghanistan
·      Seminars in Berlin, Germany
·      Seminars planned for Istanbul Turkey
·      Seminars through our online system
The total duration of the seminar is from 4 to 10 days depending on the location. Post seminar activities in Germany or Turkey will also include city tours of the beautify cities of Berlin and Istanbul.