The Mission of the Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development (MRRD) is to ensure the social, economic, and political welfare of rural society, especially poor and vulnerable people, through the provision of basic services, strengthening local governance, and promoting sustainable livelihoods.  MRRD accomplishes this mission through donor funded national programs in the areas of governance, infrastructure and economic growth.

MRRD Human Resources Department for Contracted Staff created in late 2006 with the purpose of establishing a standardized human resources system, Map, plan, and facilitate gradual integration of programs’ HR systems, policies and procedures into MRRD and harmonize all the procedures across MRRD for its entire national and international contracted staff.

At the moment this department is responsible to oversee the implementation of Human Resources procedures and policies across the ministry and its programs/projects. In addition to this the department is providing a quality control role to make sure that all the ministry set standards are met and adhered properly. The department also provides necessary advises to programs when required.

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