Io Global is a leading ISP with a large customer base in Afghanistan specializing in broadband solutions with a high focus on Internet connectivity services. Io Global provides WiMAX, VSAT. Point-to-Point Wireless based Broadband Internet Access, to large Corporates, Banks, SMEs, SOHOs and Homes. 

With several years of proven track record of intensive on-field experience, Io Global are one of the foremost WiMax, VSAT/RF experts in Afghanistan. Founded by a team of professionals in the field of satellite communications, information technology and Telecoms, Io Global specializes in short and long-term turnkey contracts for services with operating engineering staffers, microwave, satellite and IP, design engineers and project managers.

The company is presently looking for energetic, hard working, ambitious and experienced female CRM Agents, as part of the team building process. We encourage all interested professionals to submit their job applications and CVs before the deadline indicated above.

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