The Government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (IRA) has received financing from the World Bank towards cost of the Second Public Financial Management Reform Project (PFMRii) and intends to apply part of the proceeds for consulting services. The overall goal of the PFMR project is to strengthen public financial management through effective procurement, treasury and audit structures and systems in line with sound financial management standards of monitoring, reporting and control.

Ministry of Finance (MoF) is one of the key ministries in the process of implementing the Human Resources Management (HRM) Development reform initiatives following the establishment of the HRM Department of the MoF in beginning of 1388 pursuant to the requirements of the public administration reforms undertaken by the Independent Administrative Reforms & Civil Service Commission (IARCSC).

The HR Department of the MoF has a high level of commitment to providing quality and professional human resource support services to ministry staff in the areas of recruitment, selection, motivation, equal opportunity and training in order attract and retain the “best and brightest” employees in support of the Government and the citizens of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan.

The HRM Department of the MoF intends to plan for the organizational development of the MoF including merit based recruitment, conduct and institutionalization of performance management system within the MoF and development of the human resources capacity in the line with IARCSC policies.  Achieving HRM reforms and provision of quality and professional human resource support services to the MoF Departments is a key goal the HRM Department is pursuing.

In order to enable the HRMD to implement these HRM development initiatives, the department is technically supported by Reform Implementation and Management Unit (RIMU). The RIMU seeks to recruit a number of 3 qualified Management Trainers who will assist and provide technical support to capacity development agenda of the MOF and deliver quality training programs at national and sub-national levels.