Fatimi Group
is funded in 2014 at Darul- Aman, Kabul Afghanistan and in coming soon will expand its vision and strategies at targeted areas inside kabul and other provinces of Afghanistan.

Fatimi Group is Afghan women owned business that recruits 80% of their employees from national & international females and provides services/products in capacity developing, training, consultation, translation, legal consultancy & advocacy, publishing, entertainment, professinalism, sports and other sub activities related to knowledge, education and improvment.

Fatimi Group consist of:

  • Muzda Library.
  • Muzda Books Exhibition.
  • Tabasum Translation.
  • Suraiya Legal Advocacy & consultancy Office.
  • Musalas I.T Hospital
  • Las Vegas Super Market.
  • Malalai English & I.T female’s Institute.
  • Sayyas Training Solution.
  • Khadeja Kobra kindergarten.
  • Hazart Mohammad Mustafa (PBUP) Private High School.
  • Mulana & Shams Teacher Training College
  • Kamyab Institute of Higher education.
  • Ayesha Female Sports Gym.
  • Khulafai Rashidin charity Foundation.
  • 8 Star Wedding Hall.
  • Nelofar Family Entertainment Park.
  • Mother Psychological Consultancy.
  • Dubai Swimming Park.
  • Afghanistan Business Development Service.

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