EUREKA Research is an Afghan-registered research company based in Kabul. Its core management staff includes highly experienced staff who have been working in the country for several years. EUREKA is composed by young and enthusiastic individuals with background in Social Science and also researchers that gained their experience in the field. EUREKA Research’s mission is the betterment of Afghanistan through research. Large portion of the company profits are reinvested into the Afghan economy with the goal of creating a higher capacity for employment opportunities for Afghans.

EUREKA RESEARCH (ER) is a full-service AISA-licensed research, monitoring and evaluation company that has been operating in Afghanistan since 2007. ER is committed to providing all of the services required to produce comprehensive analysis on a variety of topics.  With a home office based in Kabul, ER has an extensive network throughout all of Afghanistan, enabling it to provide depth and breadth to its research, monitoring and evaluation services. - See more at: