The coordination of Afghan Relief –CoAR has been established in 1989 and registered the Afghan ministry of economic under license number 11.Coar and obtained the membership of ACBAR and ANCB and was listed as major course border operating and supplying national NGO.intially  CoAR was heavily involves in emergency relief supply to the community in dire and urgent need of food, medicines, shelter and food .Based on fluctuate  political landscape and conflict,CoAR gradually switched to rehabilitation or rural  infrastructures and community self – help projects and area development  from 2002 when the Taliban government was toppled ,CoAR Actively participated in new interventions for reconstruction and development of country and became active partner of major donor such as UN Agencies , World Bank, USAID, EU member countries and the Afghan government line ministries.
In early June 2008 coordination of Afghan relief (CoAR) took the initiative of establishing a network .The move come to make the relationship between these organization more systematic and formal after cooperation with each other in different areas proved to be more productive. Furthermore, the initiative is directly in line with the Afghanistan NGOs law, Article 9 of which states that non – governmental organization can enter in to partnership and Networks to improve, expand, or implement their activities and Projects. Also, the current trends and the need for reconstruction of Afghanistan lend sufficient and justification for the establishment of such network.

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