Background This organization was established in 1999 by a group of committed Afghan women in Pakistan with the aim of reducing the suffering of Afghan women. This center moved to Kabul capital of Afghanistan in 2001. Since establishment it has been striving to have the vision of “A secure and developed Afghanistan, with equal participation of women and men, self-reliant communities, social justice, enabling a society free of any kind of discrimination and violence, and contributing to regional and global peace.” AWSDC has the pride of establishing the very first Women Protection Center (WPC) in Afghanistan in 2003. Since its establishment in 2003 till 2015 it has helped 3500 female victims of violence. AWSDC’s one of the main activities is provision of immediate protection and other relevant supports to female victims of violence. It has WPCs in Kabul, Baghlan, Parwan and Bamyan. Female victims of violence are provided with the protection, legal, health and other relevant supports. During their stay at the WPC, along with other relevant supports female victims of violence are constantly given psychological counseling, besides, they are equipped with the economic capacities. As result, upon their return victims are even stronger to overcome their social and economic challenges. AWSDC has been further involved in women’s empowerment in economic and peace building spheres. In January 2016 it established an education center where women are equipped with technical skills and business development education to be entrepreneurs. In peace building it has been working in Faryab province with the resilient community to involve women in the peacebuilding process. Since 2012 women in communities have been capacitated in conflict mapping and resolution. As a result illiterate and semi-literate women are now working in form of women peace shuras (WPS) and solving the conflicts on the community and district level. It is aimed to link these local WPS with the Provincial Peace Councils (PPC) and High Peace Council (HPC) and nurture the culture of women’s actual inclusion in the peace building process on the local and national level. AWSDC has been looking to recruit a female project manager to further the lead the strategic project of peacebuilding.