Youth and a Women’s Computer Center for Eastern Afghanistan.
Concept from Asma Computing - Jalalabad1 Background
Jalalabad is the regional hub of eastern Afghanistan with a population of perhaps 500 000 and a key commercial center on the Kabul-Peshawar road. It also serves as a center of education being home to Nangarhar University Afghanistan’s second-oldest and second-largest center of higher education. Consistent with other Afghan urban centers women and girls in Jalalabad since 2001 have experienced a steady uptick in their access to education and other services as well as their freedom of movement. Currently within Jalalabad itself (i.e. excluding adjacent periurban areas) there are 9 girls’ high schools serving 2500 students. However girls and young women in the city still face significant problems of access to higher educational services as many families are willing to let their daughters attend single-sex classes but forbid them from educational venues where boys will also be present. In particular Jalalabad lacks both computer/internet facilities dedicated to serving young women and female-only information communications technology (ICT) classes that will allow girls in Jalalabad to build their skills and access increased employment opportunities.
Asma Computing is a small business located in Jalalabad and active since 2013. It currently operates one internet café (also offering copying scanning and other related services) with 10 PCs and related equipment. Asma is also currently providing English-language and ICT classes to approximately 50 male students. Asma has received a business license from the Ministry of Economy and the Ministry of Education after evaluating Asma’s facilities personnel and curricula has certified it to award Certificates (after 6 months of study) and Diplomas (after one year of study) in English Information Technology Hardware and Networking. so we are also started a Journalism program for 4-months It is also free for youth and school girls. 

Feedback of work: From one  year  we are giving free class for the youth and school girls. 

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