Apex2Consulting is a leading Afghan consultancy firm that provides consulting and broker services in law, innovation and creativity in a diverse and emerging business environment. Apex2 provides services in diversity solutions; research and capacity building; banking; and brokerage services to national and international clients.  Founded in 2011 in Kabul, Afghanistan, our mission has become to provide high quality services to the public, private and government sectors in partnership with universally acclaimed consultancy firms, aid organizations and non-government organizations (NGO’s).  Apex2 has a highly professional staff and advisory board comprised of numerous international associates with distinguished degrees from top-tier universities throughout the world.
Consulting firms should be more than just a consultant, but rather a strategic partner.  We first understand what our clients needs and objective goals are and then work together to release their full potential. The Apex2 team is distinctly experienced in research, banking and brokerage services.
Human capital is the foundation of any business in the world that is why at Apex2 we invest heavily in our staff members.  In addition to an international staff of numerous PhD’s, we also hire national field experts and use an innovative strategy of hiring university interns and grooming them into future associates.  Through the use of corporate training, seminar lessons and leadership practices, we constantly try to strive our associates to reach the apex of their talents. 
Being an expert in a post-conflict atmosphere, Apex2 has conducted several large-scale projects in partnership with the Word Bank, United Nations, Ministry of Finance and several other international aid organizations and government branches.   The “2” in Apex2 reflects our corporate social responsibilities in which 2% of all profits are donated to local charities here in Afghanistan.  Being that we are a national firm, the reconstruction and development of Afghanistan is the main driver of our ambitions and ventures.