The Agricultural Development Fund (ADF) is a government owned non-bank financial institution, it was established with the fundamental purpose of providing credit to the agriculture sector.   The ADF is governed by a High Council, composed of high level government officials, private sector representatives, independent technical experts and donors.    The ADF is a wholesale lender; it provides credit to farmers, agribusinesses and other actors in the agricultural value chains, through financial and non-financial institutions as intermediaries.  As of June 2014, the ADF has a main office located in Kabul and 5 regional offices, some 100 staff and over 23,000 clients in 33 of Afghanistan's 34 provinces.   It is envisioned that in the next 2 years the capital of the ADF will almost double, converting it in the most important source of finance for agriculture in Afghanistan, a game changer for the rural communities, and a major promoter of economic growth.   

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