Afghanistan National Standard Authority (ANSA) / Harakat

The Afghanistan Building Code Project is funded by Harakat-AICFO to lay the ground for a modern, safe and sustainable building design and construction practices. The outcome of this project is that Afghan and international investors’ participation in the Afghanistan’s infrastructure development in the form of a master plan development, townships development and investment in provincial centers reconstruction will increase. Building codes will also enable the private sector participation in the major urban development and infrastructure projects in the country. This project is designed to ensure safe competition in the construction sector through development of series of building codes compatible with Afghanistan’s geography, landscape and weathering.
During this project, the following codes were developed,

  1. Afghanistan Urban Development Code
  2. Afghanistan Architectural code
  3. Afghanistan Structural code
  4. Afghanistan Highway and Street Code including Bridge Design Standards

All four codes have been developed, finalized and approved by the Advisory Board and Supreme Council of Standards. In the main time, the technical regulation will be develop as an enforcing mechanism for the mandatory implementation of codes. This Regulation will be shared with Supreme Council of Standard for their approval.   This regulation will support the enforcement codes by relevant entities.
Afghanistan Building Codes have already been translated in Dari, but it further needs to be edited, proofread and compared with the original text, which is in English. Currently, the four developed building codes need to be revised and edited to provide the final and approved version  of the codes. The National Trainer Expert in Building Codes will work in a team consist of other engineers and translators to review, revise, edit and proofread the Dari Translation of the following Building Codes:
·         Urban Development Code
·         Structure Codes
·         Architecture Codes
·         Highway and Bridge Code