About Afghan Bano Consulting Services:
Afghan Bano Consulting Services (ABCS) is a Training & Consulting company since 2011. Initially established by the name of Global Group Consultancy Services and it is re-registered by the name Afghan Bano Consulting Services under AISA License# D-01-1867 on 13-June-2015. We are specialize in Training and Human Capital Development especially on women empowerment, for both management and technical skills. In addition, the extensive industrial experience in human resources management, we have a pool of experts in our organization specializing in specific areas that serve organizations of numerous industries.
We work together with companies and organizations as smart partnership in providing hands-on solutions to solve day to day business challenges by developing their human capital, building their brands, advertising their image and marketing their products – all with the help and guidance of our multi-faceted organization.
We believe in a comprehensive approach – becoming a part of our client's business and knowing as much about their operations and challenges as possible. We want to support you in meeting your needs and most importantly achieving your goals in improving bottom line results and to sustain the competitive advantages.
ABCS has a unique expertise in delivering cost effective, yet inclusive, vocational and skills training systems that integrate and meet the needs of the women.
The main objective of ABCS is to promote gender equality within society and enhance women empowerment via, women capacity building in the field of Leadership, Management, Administration, Financial Management, Human Resources, Information Technology and M&E within public and private sectors.
ABCS is currently working with women in different fields and providing them the opportunities to choose their career path wisely and build them professionally in the field of their choices. Therefore, we are training women on management skills, ICT, financial management, Organizational Development, Anti-harassment, fundraising and vocational skillful trainings.