Afghanistan Development & Peace Research Centre (ADPRO) is an independent non-governmental, non-political research organization that conducts action-oriented programs mainly on peace-building, good governance, state-building and conflict resolution.
Our primary focus is on empowering people, communities and local capacity building for peace in Afghanistan and its surroundings.
With an outstanding team of experts ADPRO is committed to offer and facilitate first hand research and training on peace building, conflict resolution and development issues in and around the people and culture of Afghanistan.
ADPRO is a capable institution with extensive access to local and international expertise. The organization has professional staff with experiences in post conflict recovery and development.
The organization is registered with the ministry of Economy of the Government of Afghanistan with a registration number of (2726).
APAP projects
The overall goal of the project is to increase professionalism in Afghan photojournalism through The Law of Support the Rights of Authors, Composers, Artists and Researcher (Copy Right Law). Furthermore, to increase the number of professional photographers in provinces of Afghanistan.