Female Project Coordinator


Education: MD Public Health or MBBS
Work Experience: 3 in Health Sector Years
    • Academic Requirements: Medical Doctor;
    • Experience: At least three years professional experience in the area of drug treatment  health care  as well as proven experience in implementing health projects;
    • Languages: Fluency in speaking Dari Pashto and English languages as well as  professional business writing skills    
    • Computer skills: Proficiency in Microsoft Office software 

Duties & Responsibilities

    1. The Project Coordinator (PC) will be responsible for all aspects of the work in Drug Treatment Center.  This includes administration finance capacity building Supervision Monitoring.
    1. The PC shall supervise the work of the Drug Treatment Center (DTC) and report on the progress.
    1. The PC will monitor at all times respect and ensure respect for the anonymity of Patient and the confidentiality of information received from all Patients.
    1. The PC will ensure that all administrative and logistical tasks are promptly and correctly completed.  This includes but is not limited to ensuring that DTC budget is correctly managed that all administrative and financial tasks and reporting are done correctly and on time that all logistical tasks are completed in accordance with WADAN’s policies and procedures.
    1.  The PC will contribute to prepare monthly reports thematic reports and correspondence according to the Donor policy.
    1. Establish and maintain a filing/inventory system to include all the assets equipment and documents of the program.
    1. Identify and develop ideas and plans (short/long terms) to maximize program impact responding and adapting to the changing.
    1. Performance appraisal and training needs assessment of the DTC staff including admin staff and ensure training needs are appropriately met and within budget lines.
    1. Make sure that the WADAN’s policies guidelines procedures and manuals regarding the program and staffs are implemented.

Submission Guideline

  Please kindly first read carefully Job Description (JD) and if your work experience and qualification match the requirements of the position then apply.

Please mention the Position Vacancy Announcement No and Province in the subject line of the email otherwise your application will not be considered.

Female candidates can apply only!

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