Efficient Administration and Office Management

Efficient Administration and Office Management


To manage an office effectively you need to first manage yourself, and then manage your time, tasks, and others in order to achieve maximum success. This course will help increase your motivation and confidence through understanding of principles and best practices of successful office management. You will learn to prioritize, plan, and solve problems not just to get your work done on time, but to have continuous improvement in productivity. You will learn to communicate more confidently in public, meetings, and with all levels of staff, including managing difficult behaviors. Finally you will gain self management skills which will help you to cope with stress, keep a ‘can do’ positive attitude, and enjoy your job each day no matter what the challenges are.

This course will feature:

• Best practices for managing your daily responsibilities to achieve maximum output and success.
• Best practices for streamlining your workflow and office environment.
• Best practices for communicating effectively and assertively at all levels.
• Best practices for releasing your personal potential, increasing self-discipline & self-awareness.
• Best practices for creative thinking, problem solving, planning, and decision making.


• Prioritize and cope with multiple tasks without missing deadlines
• Think like a Manager – planning, making decisions and solving problems
• Manage their thoughts and feelings to improve self-confidence and self-empowerment
• Communicate effectively and assertively at all levels and in all situations
• Manage paperwork, diaries, meetings, presentations, and phones more effectively
Who is this Training Course for?
This training course is suitable to anyone who works as office personnel as it will help them become more confident and effective at organizing their work and their office to achieve maximum out-put with minimal stress. Further, this is suitable to a wide range of professional, but will greatly benefit:
• Administration Assistants
• Personal Assistants
• Secretaries
• Supervisors/Team Leaders
• Office Managers
• Any individual working in the office support field

How will this Training Course be presented?

The training course will be interactive and practical with learning methods to suit every kind of learning
preference. There will be activities in groups and pairs as well as individual exercises and everyone will get
an opportunity to discuss their work challenges in a supportive environment. There will also be opportunity
to practice assertive communication skills through role play and to present a presentation towards the end
of the week.


Taking Control of your Work Life
• Understanding and clarifying purpose, vision and mission
• The secret to working smarter rather than harder
• Controlling, prioritizing and organizing your work
• Streamlining your office systems and getting your paperwork under control
• Making your office user friendly and efficient

Essential Administrative Skills
• Harnessing the power of the mind – through Mind Mapping Techniques
• Managing larger projects to meet deadlines
• Planning skills – using a Gannt chart to chart work progress
• Problem solving and decision making techniques
• Decision Making tools

Vital Communication Skills
• Different styles of communication
• Learning to be more assertive
• Win-win conflict resolution
• Understanding and using body language
• Understanding different personality types and how to deal with them

Developing as a Professional
• Listening skills – seeking to understand before being understood
• Creating a professional image
• Leadership skills
• How to make presentations with confidence and power
• Learn the essentials of planning a presentation

Self-Empowerment and Self-Management
• Understanding stress and learning coping skills
• The essential skills of emotional intelligence
• Using emotional intelligence at work
• Transforming fear and negativity and reactive-ness
• Becoming a more proactive, responsible and self-aware person

Our training courses are conducted in different global cities in Asia and Europe that reflects the progressive approach we have towards delivering our quality assured training courses. These carefully selected venues provide our delegates with an enhanced learning experience achieved through immersion in a diverse and multicultural environment.
If your preferred location or specific topic is not listed in our website or calendar, please get in touch with us so that we may provide you an option for any of our training courses to be delivered as a Customized in-house training.

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